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  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation
  • International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation



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Are You Ready…

…to take your fitness and professional goals to the next level? Act now to become a member of Steve Cotter's Kettlebell and fitness team—the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF).

"Steve Cotter is one of the most talented trainers in the country. He has years of expertise to share that go way beyond just improving the physical body. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with him and learning how to implement kettlebell, bodyweight, and most importantly for me, visualization techniques that have improved my performance and the quality of my life."
– Jeff Salzenstein, ATP Tennis Professional, All American Stanford


What is the IKFF?

The IKFF is an organization whose goals are two-fold: to promote Kettlebell training and complete mind/body fitness on a global scale, and to support our members in developing the all-encompassing skills needed to accelerate their own fitness and fitness-oriented businesses.  The vision in creating this is to offer passionate fitness enthusiasts a no-nonsense, ever-evolving resource they can trust is on the cutting edge of athletic training and conditioning!


Core Values

  • Member-Centered
    We exist to support and help the growth of our members.
  • Integrity
    We focus on excelling in what we are good at.
  • Global-Minded
    The modern world is almost completely integrated. IKFF is at the bleeding edge of fitness and health solutions for a global audience; our reach extends across the world.
  • Integrative
    We are comprehensive and give equal attention to mind-body-spirit and to fitness-health-wellness/well-being.
  • Flexible
    We constantly aim to improve and remain able and willing to learn, grow and modify as needed to improve.
  • Balance Mind-Body-Spirit


Join Our Team

As part of the IKFF team, you will be affiliated with the most sought-after kettlebell teacher in the world—Steve Cotter.

Think of it—there is a very good reason that the Naval Special Warfare Command (governing command of the Navy SEALs), United States Marine Corps, top-level MMA athletes, professional football teams and everyday people around the globe seek out Steve’s precision-engineered training methods.

Simply put, he is an incredible teacher who can actually do what he teaches and more importantly, teach you how to replicate these skills and to teach others—a rare thing in the fitness world these days.

Steve and his team will ensure you receive elite training in whatever area you are looking for—kettlebells, bodyweight training, movement training, joint mobility, flexibility and more!

Thus, to ensure the diverse needs of athletes, everyday folks and trainers the world over, Steve has multiple instructor certifications you can register for.

After attending an IKFF certification, you will leave having that rare confidence associated with knowing you have all the tools needed to achieve all of your goals—personal and/or business!

 Reserve your spot now!  Click here to view our upcomming schedule of certifications and events!

What is a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a traditional Russian training tool that has been used since the turn of the century to develop full body conditioning and fitness.
A kettlebell looks like a cannon ball with a handle.  The shape of the kettlebell allows for unique positioning of the weight directly above your center of mass (unlike a DB or BB which must be held in front of
the body) and allows you to keep your hand and wrists in neutral alignment, which enable for greater endurance and longevity in the core lifts so that you can produce a much higher volume of exercise and thus
greater conditioning and fitness.

Some of the benefits of kettlebell training include:

  • Improved strength
  • Incredible work capacity (strength endurance)
  • Enhanced athleticism - flexibility, coordination, balance etc.
  • Weight loss
  • Injury prevention
  • Mental toughness
  • Lean & functional muscle mass
  • Strengthening of the entire posterior chain
  • Core strength
  • Sport and combat applications


Steve Cotter and IKFF are the official provider for Kettlebell training and education for the World Famous Eleiko